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Welcome to my
Jukebox and Video Page

Songwriting is the thing that brings me
the most Joy as a musician,
and with this Jukebox, I'd like to share
with you some of the fruits of my labor.

I've also written tunes for other Artists
such as
"City Life" performed below by
'Cha-Cha Fernandez & The Slumlords'
Live @

Also, on this page you'll find Webcast Videos
as well as some Live Vidz of me with
my former band

'Audio Voodoo'
My songs are a mix of different styles that reflect not only
the times they were written in,
but the bands that I was in as well. Some of the tunes are
new and others are old

I hope you like my stuff, Thanks for listening.

This was a Live Webcast
we did on April Fools Day
2009 from
The Expression Studios
in Oakland Ca.

"VoodooLand/Save Me Now"
April Fools Day 2009

"Must Be Love"
Yep, you guessed it
Oakland Webcast 2009

"Instigation Man"
This is our version of the
Jimi Hendrix Classic
"Crosstown Traffic"
from the
April Fools Webcast
This was a Live show taped
@ The Fat Cat Music House
Feb 27th 2009
Modesto Ca.

"Fight for Your Right"