It was August in New York, and the wind blew cold on
that Hot summer night in 1960......Just Kiddin'!

I grew up in South Brooklyn, New York in the
absolutely Insane 70's where Punk, New Wave, Rap
and Hip-hop were being invented by a bunch of
'Outsiders' and 'street kids' who where trying to
change the Status Quo of the music Industry.

Me? I had my feet planted firmly in the Hard Rock
camp. The Rock Gods I chose to surrender to were,
'Led Zeppelin', 'Deep Purple' and 'Black Sabbath'.
I started out as a drummer when I was 7 years old. After years of humming the melodies I heard in my head, I decided I needed
to learn to play the guitar. That was 1975, and I've been makin' melodies on a guitar ever since. Back in my New York days, the
2 most successful bands I led were, 'Grand Orange' and 'Ganghouse'. Each band lasted about 10 years, and with those acts
I was fortunate enought to have played on some of NYC's most legendary stages and with some of it's finest players such as,
CBGB's, The Electric Circus, The Mudd Club, The Bottom Line, The Village Gate, Great Gildersleeves and Max's Kansas City to
name a few. In 1995 I landed a gig as Latoya Jackson's lead guitarist, and toured the Northeast with her for 4 months. In my 30
year career, I've logged thousands of hours in studios and stages from coast to coast. I show no signs of slowing down........

California's Central Valley has been my Happy Home since 1998 with my girl Suzi and my Dog 'Halo'.